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Why apply to just one funder when you can apply to 60+?If you've already applied for funding, simply paste your existing application. We'll share it with funders in our network.Application deadline: May 24, 2023

Looking for projects to fund?

Apply to join the funding round by May 24, 2023.Soon after, we'll share access to a database of applications relevant to your interests (e.g. interpretability, moonshots, forecasting, field building, novel research directions).If you'd like to fund any projects, you can reach out directly or we can help coordinate.

We are no longer accepting submissions for this round. Thank you so much for submitting your projects!
This round closes on July 5th. If you have submitted a project, any interested funders will contact you before then.
We encourage you to monitor your inboxes for potential communication (Please check spam!).

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What is this?

Simply, it's a way for folks to get in front of donors and vice versa. We borrowed this idea from Ben's Bites.

What problem does this solve?

Nonlinear spoke to dozens of earn-to-givers and a common sentiment was, "I want to fund good AI safety projects, but I don't know where to find them."At the same time, applicants don’t know how to find them either. And would-be applicants are often aware of just one or two funders - some think it’s “LTFF or bust” - causing many to give up before they’ve started, demoralized, because fundraising seems too hard.

Who are you?

Nonlinear, an x-risk incubator. Reach out to with questions.


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